The high professional profile, quality of projects and permanent quest for improvement combined with continuous technological innovation are among Mca's strengths. By quality policy is meant a policy intended to provide Customers with professional services perfectly compliant to the agreed requirements and befitting their needs.

Mca constantly pursues quality in accordance with its continuous improvement strategies targeting the quality of results for the highest possible customer satisfaction, while ensuring quality of service, expertise, efficiency, timeliness through its Quality Management System certified by the Bureau Veritas in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

In the ever-changing market situation, to be selected and appreciated means to stand out for efficiency, quality and excellent performance. Mca's general quality objectives include full customer satisfaction and increasing improvement in qualitative standards.

As for Mca's specific objectives, they are defined and constantly reviewed on the basis of appropriate quality indicators and are determined by an ongoing commitment to promote and disseminate the mentality of improvement and continuous innovation, enhance the global efficiency of the design process and the level of professionalism, comply with the applicable standards, meet the Customer's supplied specifications, obtain the agreed quality levels, and instruct, train and systematically update the operating functions within the organisation.

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