The experience in the field of tunneling is based on more than 70 Km of tunnels design and consultancy. 


Railway line F.S. Ferrandina - Matera - Galleria Miglionico: Design for a single track solution with the pre-cutting method . Working plan.  Client : MATEFER S.c.a.r.l. - Roma.

- S n.51 "di Alemagna" Tronco da Castellavazzo a Macchietto Lotto I. R.C. coatingsof the tunnel  "Termine". Working plan. Enterprise: CMC - Ravenna

- Construction 
of a parking and a terminal bus in the Walloon of Collemaggio at L'aquila.
Natural and artificial pedestrian gallery between the Walloon of Collemaggio and the historicalcentre of  l'Aquila. Plan of maximum andconstructive executive. 
EnterpriseConsortium Aquilpark PLC.

  - "Forca di Cerro" tunnel. Working plan. Enterprise: Raggr.Temp.Impr. S.C.A.-Inteco

- Aqueduct del Liscia: Workin plan - II lotto - E.S.A.F. Cagliari. Committente: COGEI - Roma.

- Nord-est adducent of the sewage treatment plant of Rome-North. 

- Constructive
 executive plan.
Enterprise: Ghella Constructions PLC -Rome

- New railway line between the stations of Rocca d'Evandro and Venafro. Artificial gallery. Executive working plan. Enterprise: Consorzio Feraspi - Roma 

- High speed road Avezzano - Sora: Design of tunnels of the Lotto III. Client: Impresa I.C.O.R.I. S.p.A. - Roma.

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