Mca is a new engineering company founded in 2009 by the engineer Prof. Michele Mele, with a staff of 8 employees and a more than forty-year scientific and technical background in such areas as design, works management and project management.

The experience and skills acquired in complex, large sized facilities and works vouch for the supply of highly qualitative services in the sectors of structural, infrastructural and architectural engineering, with special reference to the fine tuning and application of the most advanced design and construction techniques and innovative materials.

A wide range of activities is covered including preliminary and construction design, works management, quality control, project validation, planning, financial studies, cost analyses, environmental impact and environmental disturbance evaluations, specific software creation, project management and the search for innovative project solutions.

Mca is already equipped with an innovative and highly qualifying business-management and organisation tool, i.e. a Quality Management System, for which Mca was certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard by the prestigious international certifier BVQI.

The principles of this standard drive all activities ranging from customer and supplier relations through management systems to HR motivation policy, with a continuous update in terms of techniques and objectives, while relying on a legacy of time-honoured, recognised tradition of compliance with high qualitative standards and continuous innovation.

Mca's automation of all management aspects is implemented through a local network connecting workstations permanently linked to the web. The system is centrally firewalled and virus-protected. The connection between the company offices and Customers, Partners and Independent Contractors is efficiently built around a sophisticated, professional videoconferencing system that can indistinctively be supported by dedicated phone lines and the ADSL network.

In addition to specific in-house produced software, Mca uses the most important and innovative programs for modelling on finished elements and for advanced analyses, such as dynamic non-linear analyses, wind dynamics analyses, time-history or pushover analyses, geotechnical programs for the design of bulkheads, palisades, retaining walls, slope stability works, etc, programs for the compilation of financial reports such as bill of quantities, estimates, economic overviews, labour-intensiveness calculations, special specifications, and programmes for the compilation of all deliverables required by Italian Laws 494/96 and 528/99 on the drafting of safety plans.

A recently introduced tool based on the long-standing international experience in the applicable legislation and developed projects of Prof. Mele, and now subject to further interesting future developments, is an IT system for

  • The design of large facilities exposed to earthquake and wind stresses (skyscrapers and suspension bridges) and to any type of dynamic action, such as train-track interaction or the sudden break of structural elements; the system may even simulate a wind tunnel for aerodynamic characterisation; 


  • The online control of construction phases, including the identification and real-time generation of corrective measures to be adopted in a construction site to remedy any construction errors.
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